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The Consequences of the Industrial Revolution.

Dear ALL! Here are the presentations on the consequences of the Industrial Revolution. Enjoy!!! Pilar & Agustina.   Juan Pando & Juan Bautista Violeta, Olivia & Juana Serena, Victoria y Micaela

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The Four Dumas after the 1905 Revolution.

The First Duma (Subirá – Olaizola – Lafuente) The Second Duma (Arcuri – Balbiani – Guglielmone) The Third Duma (Matienzo – Ballester M. – Nielsen) The Fourth Duma (Burgio – Pando – Stankiewich)

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Historiography on the Russian Revolution.

One of the elements that we study in History AS is Historiography.  Furay and Salevouris (1988) define historiography as “the study of the way history has been and is written – the history of historical writing… When you study ‘historiography’ … Continue reading

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Essay Writing for History AS

Why was the First World War so important in the downfall of the Romanov regime and the victory of the Bolsheviks? This is your first AS essay question this year. Bear in mind that in spite of the fact that the … Continue reading

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