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SENIOR 5: Período de Orientación y Evaluación Diciembre 2015/Febrero 2016

History S5 Plan de Trabajo Dic 2015 from lennyambrosini History S5 Esquema de Contenidos Nodales Dic 2015 from lennyambrosini

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The Start of the Industrial Revolution.

Dear All, Today, we start working on the last revolution in our syllabus: the Industrial Revolution. Before going into the revolution itself, we shall start with the pre industrial society and economy. Using your devices, look up the background to the … Continue reading

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Rasputin’s role in the

Watch the following presentation on the role of Rasputin in Nicholas’ government and analyse the importance of this factor amidst the other factors that led to the Tsar’s downfall.  Rasputin – AS HISTORY from lennyambrosini

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