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Elegí esta mítica pintura sobre la Revolución Francesa porque es uno de los temas que estudiamos con 4to año y me gusta especialmente, lo encuentro emocionante.

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Sharing files & folders in Google Drive.

This tutorial was made by Emilia Molmenti & Milagros Brascó from Senior 2.  Congrats & thanks a lot!!!   Cómo subir archivos o carpetas a google drive y como compartirlas emilia molmenti s2 from colegiolascumbres

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The Wall Street Crash 1929.

To start working on the Wall Street Crash, I have shared 4 documents to your accounts.  To access those documents you will need, in some cases, to activate your account if you have not used it before. Then, go … Continue reading

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Use of GoogleDocs for Writing.

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Chicago – A Portrait of the Roaring 20s.

Today we watched the last part of the film “Chicago”. We will know plunge into the 1920s in USA. This extract is the final scene in the movie. Watch it and write your thoughts not ONLY about this last part … Continue reading

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Concurso Literario II – Relatos Encadenados.

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Making History in Twitter with SENIOR 3!

Welcome to our first Twitter event.  In this post, you will find the necessary information for our gathering on Wednesday, September 5th. DATE: Wednesday, September 5th. TIME: 9.30 TO 10.30pm LOCATION: Sign in for TWEET CHAT and enter the hashtag(#) of the … Continue reading

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Nazi Germany – Mock Question – Marks

Hi Everyone, I’m delighted so far, with the marks you got in this mock question. Congrats and the best for tomorrow. Best, Lenny. MARKS: María: 8 🙂 Mili B: 8.5 🙂 Agustina: 8.5 🙂 Sebastián: 8 🙂 Antonia: 8.5 🙂 … Continue reading

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The Cold War in Eastern Europe – The Voices Behind the Iron Curtain

“FROM STETIN IN THE BALTIC TO TRIESTE IN THE ADRIATIC AN IRON CURTAIN HAS DESCENDED ACROSS THE CONTINENT OF EUROPE”. – Winston Churchill of Britain referring to the imaginary boundary that separated communistic Eastern Europe from the democratic nations of … Continue reading

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What if…?

What if Facebook had existed in the times of the French Revolution. Here’s a hint of what the King’s account could have looked like. Enjoy and congrats to Mica Cardalada, Alejo Zubizarreta, Juana Miguens and Ivan Stankiewich from SENIOR 4. View Fullscreen … Continue reading

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