Welcome to our History Class!

Back at school, back at hanging out with friends, back at spending more time with our relatives, back at hanging out outdoors and even leaving home for short trips…in the last months there’ve been different “come backs” for us all following certain rules and being as careful as one can be so that we can all be safe BUT come backs after all. I’m sure you’ve felt the joy of every little moment when you could be with others face to face again. I have felt that joy myself and this last come back, the one of being at school again is one that fills me both with gratitude and great anticipation.

To say it in a nutshell, I believe we have to make the best out of this new year which also turns out to be a special year for you too since you’re starting secondary school.

We’ll be learning History, world History together. In the genially below you’ll see what this subject will be about.

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