The Korean War.

A great lecture on the Korean War, summarises the whole conflict in 16 minutes. Amazing!

As you listen to the lecture, answer the following questions. They will help you to focus on the most important details. 

1. What were the characteristics of Japanese rule in Korea from 1910 to 1945?

2. Who led North & South Korea after the Japanese were defeated?

3. What was China’s role on the conflict? Who was the leader in China at the time?

4. What were the events of June 25, 1950? What was the reaction to those events?

5. Who was Douglas MacArthur? What did he do? What was his relationship with Truman?

6. How does MacArthur manage to roll the UN/American troops into North Korea?

7. Why does MacArthur consider it important to control/bombard the Yalu River?

8. How does Chinese strategy force MacArthur to change his plans?

9. Why was MacArthur dismissed by Truman?

10: What’s your personal evaluation of this crisis?

What is North Korea like today? Let’s watch the following Ted Talk and discuss it. It’s good food for thought. 🙂


Let’s revise!

Here’s a very interesting page by the BBC to revise the Korean War.


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