The People of the Industrial Revolution go live!


Below, you will find the guidelines for our coming radio show. 

Radio programme project: Our new world.

3 sections:

  • Inventions and inventors.
  • The Arts
  • Society

From every pair, one student will impersonate the character chosen last class and the other will be the interviewer.

Part A.

Make 3/4 questions to your interviewee. Provide the answers to your questions. Make sure your questions are a reflection of the times, the political, social and economic context as well as a clear example of the character that is being interviewed.

Part B.

Get together with those in your same area: Inventions – The Art – Society.

Together with those in your same area, prepare an opinion panel on ONE of the following:

  1. The role of women.
  2. Changes in health.
  3. Working conditions.
  4. Religion.
  5. The Arts.

Part C.

Make a jingle to use as a separation between the two parts of the radio programme. Make sure your jingle is on a topic related to the times of the Industrial Revolution.


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