History in Senior 1: Welcome!

Hello Everyone!

We are in for a year of hard work and, hopefully, new and interesting challenges!

The subject we will be studying together is History, world History. Senior 1 is the first year of a three-year preparation for IGCSE that is the international exam you will be sitting for in Senior 3.

Our course will have 4 periods a week. For each class you will be expected to bring your History book and an A4 folder with 2 divisions: 1) Recalling Historical Data AND 2) Graded Work. At the same time, you will need a category in your blog that will be “History” and a subcategory within that category that will be “Essay Writing”.

You have until the end of March to get you material and blog ready. I will bechecking everything by then.

Tests as well as blog assignments and paper assignments will be posted in the class Calendar.

Let’s start right away! Below I have shared a Ted Talk with which I would like to start our lessons this year.


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