The League of Nations: A League of its Own.

It’s the dawn of a new project, a new challenge, a new experience for us in Senior 1. We are taking a plunge into the work of the League of Nations. Let’s warm up our engines watching this video made by History students.


Today you will be answering questions on the chapter of the League of Nations. Here are the instructions for the work:

  •  You can work in pairs, with the person sitting next to you. 
  • Create a post in your blog with the rubrics in this post and the questions. 
  • Answer the questions in your blog. If you do not have access to a computer, you may start answering your questions on paper. 
  • The final product, i.e. your answers, must be in a post in your blog. 

DUE DATE: August 16th. (UNTIL QUESTION 5) 

                        August 22nd (UNTIL QUESTION 11)

Finally, listen to this podcast on the performance of the League of Nations in the 1920s.

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