Capitalism and the Industrial Revolution.

In our coming classes we will start reading and discussing the term “Capitalism”, its development and impact on the Industrial Revolution.

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3 Responses to Capitalism and the Industrial Revolution.

  1. Gonzalo Vazquez Avila says:

    I played the game “Who wants to be a cotton millionaire?” and I enjoyed it very much even in spite of loosing miserably and going to the debtors’ jail.

  2. Luna Pérez Muniz says:

    First of all I chose the location of Cumbria, where we did not need to move. It was not a wise choice since the main city was nearer to the other location. Following, I chose to hire women and hildren since they are much more cheaper than men and it was an intelligent choice indeed. Afterwards, I decided to invest on the steam engine instead of in more workers or in a windmill in order to incrase energy. It was a smart choice given the fact that it was the “technology of the future”. Finally, I was asked to invest in better working conditions or in new machinery. I chose new mchinery. The game told me that although I had made good decisions, choosing to stay in Cumbria undermined my long term profitability.I might be able to survive, yt itwill be tough. An uncertain future!

  3. Lucila Giambruni says:

    After playing Cotton Millionaire, I got a result in which I had spent too much money and not focused so much on my workers and the factory conditions. Therefore, the game questions me whether I would be able to “leave the people filthy” while I “grow fat”.

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