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Capitalism and the Industrial Revolution.

In our coming classes we will start reading and discussing the term “Capitalism”, its development and impact on the Industrial Revolution.  Capitalism and the Industrial revolution from lennyambrosini The Origins of Capitalism and its Connection with the Industrial Revolution from … Continue reading

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The Yalta and Potsdam Conferences: Agreements and Disagreements.

The Yalta and Potsdam Conferences showed a clear movement from a spirit of cooperation and support into one of suspicion and difference. For some, the confrontation between the US Capitalism and the Soviet Communism was inevitable and bound to come … Continue reading

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Communism VS Capitalism.

Last class, we read about the two opposing ideologies that Stalin and Roosevelt first, followed by Truman represented.  We shall watch this video in our next class to throw some more light into these ideologies.    

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On Brexit.    

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Source Analysis on the outbreak of the Cold War.

Hi Everyone! We shall take advantage of our new topic this year to do some “serious” source analysis. 😉 As we’ve discussed already, this year’s international exam will have a paper on Source Analysis and the topic will be related … Continue reading

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Welcome Back Senior 3!

Dear All, This is your exam year and as such we shall be doing a lot of hard work on the last topics to be dealt with and then on a great revision and exam practice. Here’s what the History … Continue reading

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The Outbreak of the Cold War.

Who could have imagined that shortly after WW2 ended and Hitler was finally defeated a new and different kind of war would start? Our first topic this year is the causes of the Cold War. Can you think of any … Continue reading

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