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The Age of Revolution – E. Hobsbawm

We have worked on three different and yet influential revolutions: French, Industrial and Russian. In this last term, we shall focus on the writing of one of the most renowned historians of our times: Eric Hobsbawm. In his book The … Continue reading

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The Industrial Revolution.

Today, we start our work on the Industrial Revolution, one of the most influential revolutions in the world we lead today. We will start working on a note taking activity. Watch the following videos and take down notes of the … Continue reading

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The Cuban Missile Crisis.

Hi Everyone! Here’s the video that you we will watch today about the Cuban Missile Crisis. Under the video you will find the questions to answer as you watch. Cuban Missile Crisis: Overview of the Cuban Missile Crisis THE CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS … Continue reading

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The Berlin Wall: A symbol.

  The Berlin Wall from Caroline Berlin Wall from UD Teacher 20 años de la caída del muro de Berlín. from lennyambrosini Today, August 13th is the 50th Anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall. Here’s a photo essay … Continue reading

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