The Reign of Terror – End of term VIRTUAL PERIOD WORK!

Hi Everyone!

As discussed in class, these end of term tasks will be graded individually so whether you need a good grade to make it through this 1st Term or whether you just need to keep up your good work here’s what you’ll be expected to do:

Work with the following video from Kahn Academy. You may also need to go back to the videos we watched before too.

A) Make a timeline going from 1789 to 1795 including all the significant events that took place in France. DEADLINE: May 10th 

Here are some possible timeline tools you may want to use.

B) Complete the form defining the terms given in the context of the French Revolution and answer the questions when asked to. DEADLINE: May 17th 

Complete the form USING YOUR OWN WORDS. 

Enjoy the following song!


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