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1st Term Exam. SENIOR 1.

Hi Everyone, Our term test will be on MAY 24, in the afternoon. These are the topics you will have to study: Long Term Causes of WW1: Empires Alliances Unification of Germany and Italy Franco Prussian War Nationalism Short Term … Continue reading

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The Abyssinian Crisis – 1936

The next conflict we will focus on now, is the Abyssinian Crisis.  As we did with the Manchurian Crisis, we will work on recorded evidence and in this case, we will be able to listen to witnesses of the event … Continue reading

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The Reign of Terror – End of term VIRTUAL PERIOD WORK!

Hi Everyone! As discussed in class, these end of term tasks will be graded individually so whether you need a good grade to make it through this 1st Term or whether you just need to keep up your good work … Continue reading

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