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Moment of Truth: Essay Writing!

  Essay Writing in History is an exciting challenge. We start facing this challenge today and although some of you may get the knack of it before others, I assure you: YOU WILL ALL SUCCEED at essay writing sooner or … Continue reading

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The Manchurian Crisis.

Nevertheless the statesmen at Versailles, largely at the inspiration of President Wilson, an inspiration implemented effectively by British thought, created the League of Nations. This is their defense before history, and had the League been resolutely sustained and used, it … Continue reading

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A newspaper from 1920s in USA.

Hello Everyone! Here’s the newspaper editor you could use for your newspaper page. We’ll have a look at this together this afternoon. See U!

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Short Term Causes of WW1.

Here’s the scrapbook of the work we did on the Short Term Causes of WW1 based on the docs you did in pairs. Hope it helps!   Short Term Causes WW1 from lennyambrosini

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The Characters of the French Revolution – VIRTUAL PERIOD

The Characters of the French Revolution.   The names below, refer to people who were involved and/or committed to the Revolutionary days in France before and after 1789. In our virtual period, I would like you to look up info … Continue reading

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