Hitler’s Action Leading to War.

Our 1st topic this year is the “road to WW2”. This refers to the events that led to the start of WW2. These events were the actions of Hitler reacting to the Treaty of Versailles. You will research in groups on the different causes and present your work to the class. 

You will work in 5 groups on the following topics:

  1. Rearmament.
  2. The Rhineland.
  3. The Anschluss.
  4. Czechoslovakia.
  5. Poland.

These are the guidelines for each group’s presentation:

  • Find the connnection between your topic and the Treaty of Versailles.
  • Explain Hitler’s actions and the excuses he used.
  • Describe how the crisis was solved, i.e. how the situation ended.
  • What was the role of Britain and France in the event? What did they do?
  • Provide a collection of sources (3 to 5) or a video that analyses the situation. The video may be one you find online or you can make your own video.

The dates for the presentations are in the class calendar.

This unit of work ends with a Test on April 1st. 

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