History Senior 2!


Hello Everyone!

This year we have new challenges to take and tread. We will read on the 1920s in USA and in Germany, what happened during this “dream decade for some”, how everyone thrived to prevent an imminent war. We will then move onto the Crash in USA and we will analyse the impact of the Depression in the world.

It’s our 2nd in preparation for the IGCSE exam so one of our challenges will be about recycling what we studied in Senior 1 to better understand what lays ahead.

All the best!

Before we start, I’d like to share with you a very moving Ted talk on one of the most relevant history topics these days: Refugees.

What thoughts come to mind as you watch the talk? What have you learnt that you did not know about the situation of Refugees? What is the role of identity in their stories?


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