The Righteous Among the Nations.

In our last project, this year, we will embark on one of the few aspects of the Holocaust where there is light rather than darkness, where life has prevailed upon death, where humanity beat hatred.

For this reason, you will be doing research on the concept of “the Righteous among the Nations” to find out exactly what that idea refers to, what it implies, what it includes.

Then, you will look up examples of people named “Righteous among the Nations”, learn about t heir stories, their choices and the risks they took.

Each group will finally pick one story and think of a way to tell the world about what this person or group of people did. A message of hope, a message of what just one person or group of people can do is one that our world definitely needs today.

Here are some interesting links you may check. These are, by no means, the only places where you should gather info but at least it’s a start!


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