A League to promote, secure and guarantee peace.

In this new unit of work we will explore the challenges of the League of Nations in the 1920s.

Each group will work on a diffeent aspect and prepare a presentation using ThingLink which is a tool that will allow you to use an image or a collage of images that you will be able to enrich through the use of different icons.

Groups and their topics:

  1. Aims & Membership: Ines, Flor & Martina.
  2. Structure: Vignesh, Gonzalo, Santiago & Benjamín.
  3. Upper Silesia & Aaland Islands: Ignacio, Martín & Francisco.
  4. Vilna & the Geneva Protocol: Silvestre, Lucas & Lola.
  5. Corfu & Bulgaria: Victoria, Milagros, Margarita & Rosario V.
  6. Achievements: Jerónimo, Federica, Juana & María.
  7. Disarmament: Sybilla, Rosario S., Milagros Méndez P.

Here’s the rubric that will be used to evaluate your presentation. Consider it as you work.



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