The Start of the Industrial Revolution.

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Today, we start working on the last revolution in our syllabus: the Industrial Revolution. Before going into the revolution itself, we shall start with the pre industrial society and economy.

Using your devices, look up the background to the agricultural revolution – the role of agriculture in the economy and the societies of the 18th Century.

The central focus of this part of the topic is to look at the structure of pre- industrial society, identifying the main changes that occurred in it and how they led to further changes in industry.

  • Research tasks. 

What was the economy like in the 18th Century? Describe the main economic activities. Where did most people live? Why?

What was the Agriculture Revolution?

Identify what aspects of pre-revolution agriculture might limit industrial growth.

Identify the principal ways in which agriculture changed in the period.


  • Why the agricultural changes might lead to other changes in the economy and society.
  • Explain why the population started to increase in the 18the century.
  • Explain why there were major changes in agriculture in the 18th century.

Below, some links to help you:,%20The%20First%20Industrial%20Revolution.pdf

And now we plunge into the Industrial Revolution itself!

Here’s an article on the development of the Revolution.

And below a crash course video on the Industrial Revolution.


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