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Exam Practice – The Treaty of Versailles

Dear All, Here’s a mock question on one of the topics we have been studying. It will be good practice for the 2nd Term Test.   Mock Question Versailles from lennyambrosini

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The Cold War.

In this post, I will add interesting info on the Cold War especially source work since the topic for Paper 2 this year (2015) is “Who was to blame for the outbreak of the Cold War?” The Cold War by … Continue reading

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German Depth Study.

Post War Germany – PART 1 1. What do the opening images portray? 2. What kind of peace did Americans (not Wilson necessarily) want? 3. Why was it important for Lloyd George that Germany recovered? What did he fear? 4. … Continue reading

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The Start of the Industrial Revolution.

Dear All, Today, we start working on the last revolution in our syllabus: the Industrial Revolution. Before going into the revolution itself, we shall start with the pre industrial society and economy. Using your devices, look up the background to the … Continue reading

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