Napoleon’s Coronation.

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As discussed in class, here are the links related to the painting of Napoleon’s Coronation.

This one is the link from the Louvre Museum in Paris that focuses on details from the painting for you to analyse.

This one focuses on the different people present at the ceremony.

I’m also adding a section from an article that analyses the painting for you to use if you need extra info:

Napoleon’s Coronation

Remember you should be able to find plenty of info online.

Your task is to make a collage with significant bits from the painting and to provide an explanation for your choices. Another option could be using the tool Thinglink that is used to make images interactive. It’s really easy to use.

Deadline: Thursday, July 16th.

All the best!

Our final task on Napoleon was done in groups. Each group researched  an aspect of Napoleon’s ruling that was worth looknig into.

Below are the presentations made by the groups in Senior 4:

If Facebook had existed back then, this is what Napoleon’s facebook could have looked like:

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  1. Here is the link to my collage

  2. Juan Landolfo says:

    Lenny I leave you the link of the work. Seee you soon.

  3. Julia Molmenti says:

    Here is the link to my oresentation,

  4. Tadeo Helou says:

    In December 1804 he proclaimed himself emperor of France. He is wearing Roman clothes that Roman emperors used, due to his admirarion towards the Roman Empire. He crowned himself in order to demonstrate his power and his independence from the church. He was crowned in the Notre-Dame cathedral. Also, his coronation showed the French inefficieny. After ten years of revolution they came back to the start, all the power in one person.
    Pope Pius VII
    He accepted and attempted to Napoleon’s coronation by himself in order to preserve their relation with the State. He is surrounded by Bishops elected by Napoleon due to the Concordat.
    Jacques-Louis David
    The artist painted himself on the masterpiece.
    Napoleon’s Mother
    Despite of not being present at the coronation, Napoleon’s mother is placed in a place more important than the Pope. She was absent in protest to his sons discussion. Bonaparte, Lucien and Joseph had discussed before the coronation.
    Joseph Bonparte
    Although he did not attend the coronation, he was included on the painting. He was absent due to a discussion with his brother, Bonaparte. After the coronation he was named imperial prince of France.
    Lenny! I did it in thinglink and everything erased alone. I send you my work in this format in order to show that I have worked. I will pass it to the format requested tomorrow. See you tomorrow,

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