On the Verge of War.

We are practically there. We have gone into the short term causes of WW2 and we have also analysed the failures of the League in the 1930s.

Before we plunge into the war itself, we shall work on some of the protagonists of the conflicts of the League before the start of WW2.

Finally, you can enjoy the following animation on the development of WW2 which will help us to better understand the start of the Cold War.

You will work in groups creating Facebook profiles for the following characters:

Mussolini – Rochi Hartmann/Bauti Olaizola/Agostina Alday/ Gonzalo V. Avila

– Haile Selassie – Tomi Anania/Luli Giambruni/Delfi Miy Uranga/Joaco Venini

– Hitler – Pancho Mosquera/Flor Araya/Jose Catani/Juani Lutowicz

– Baldwin – Delfina Nicora/Tomi Borda/Lucía Roggero/ Luna P. Muñiz

– Chamberlain – Mara Ripoll/Agustìn Segura/Nico Monguzzi/Catu Grosso

– Laval – Delfi Santayana/Luz G. Fernàndez/Cata Rela

When you are done creating your profiles you must:

1. Create a post in your blogs with the same title as mine. 

2. Post the Meograph from the causes of WW2 and write a short commentary on it. 

3. Embed your Fakebook in that same post and write a brief intro to it. 

4. Copy the link to the animation of WW2 and write a short commentary on it too. 


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