Welcome Senior 1!

Dear All,

Welcome to a year of hard work and, hopefully, attractive challenges!

The subject we will be studying together is History, world History. Senior 1 is the first year of a three-year preparation for IGCSE that is the international exam you will be sitting for in Senior 3.

Our course will have 4 periods a week. For each class you will be expected to bring your History book and an A4 folder with 2 divisions: 1) Recalling Historical Data. 2) Graded Work. At the same time, you will need a category in your blog that will be “History” and a subcategory within that category that will be “Essay Writing”.

Tests as well as blog assignments and paper assignments will be posted in the class Calendar.

To round things up, I would like to share this Ted Talk with you which I believe throws some light on why we study History.

What do you think? You can leave your answers as comments to this post as well as any questions you may have.

Special congrats to the comments posted. I have found them very deep and absolutely relevant.

Below, a collection of the ones I liked the most so far. 🙂

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19 Responses to Welcome Senior 1!

  1. lcampion says:

    I think that this video is very inspiring because if you got a dream like this woman and you fail you will be upset of you, but seeing this video you could be more determined. This women is very determined,She gather over 60.000 milion people to a marathon.

  2. Francisco Lusso says:

    I think that her life is very inspiring. She turned her pain into the challenge to change her country and the world. She helped lot of people with her strengh.

  3. scorreaperkins says:

    I think this video is really inspiring, how a womens dream for running and bringing her country toghether came true by creating a simple thing as a marathon.
    She worked really hard and got to see how people who used to fight toghether ran toghether.
    My favorite part was when she said the quote: “Peace making is not a sprint, Its more like a marathon”

  4. vlandolfo says:

    This video was very interesting because she could pu together too many people to run together in a marathon and then she made some peace in a country that for a long time have been with political problems. What happens to her is very sad but she could accomplish a lot of things after that.

  5. Lola villegas argento says:

    Hi Lenny, I really liked the ted talk because I felt really touched with her story. I really liked that she suffered a really bad accident and she moved on, she didn’t stay in her house all day regreting that she would never run like she did before. She choosed to do something that would make the world better, that would unite people for one day a year. I think that her story is really inspiring and that a lot of people will find it as a motivation.

  6. jleguizamon says:

    I think that its interesting for people that have dreams and now matter what they want to continue, because she tries to explain that if you have a dream you have to follow it and never stop and then, all work have his reward.

  7. fmarty says:

    I think than this is awesome because she don’t stop her drams because of an accident. I really admire her, and I couren’t believe the amount of people that were at the marathon.

  8. fclaps says:

    Hi Lenny!
    My personal opinion about this Ted Talk is that it is ended really shoking to now about this woman that has been in a dificult place in wich she ends up her career of being a runner and begins with this maraton. I think it is amazing to now that if you trully believe in yourself you can make your dreams come true, and it´s really insipiring to see this Ted Talks because of the stories and everything they have to share.

  9. Martu.i says:

    Hi, i think that the speach she do was very shocking and interesting. The story of her accident was really sad but the recovery of her leg was really touching. I really like the part of her dram because that could successfully happend.

  10. sbraunurien says:


    I think that this ted talk about a ordinary woman that has a dream, a big dream that e
    inspires a lot of people. If you relly want something, work, work and work and
    you will make it.In this case the people who live in a country that is at war and kill each other every day, can run together in peace. Maybe while they are running they dream that this day in peace is the first day of many days of peace.Maybe peace for ever.


  11. Gon Criniti says:

    To me, this Ted talk is very inspiring to me. Because apart of the accident, she followed doing a more united country. Apart from all the setbacks, like the civil war, or when the prime minister died, she continued doing the marathon and over 60.000 milion of people went to the marathon.

  12. mmuller says:

    I think Ted Talk is a good way to expand your ideas. Many people wacht that show, so it’s a good opportunity for they tu make there ideas happen. I really like the Ted Talk Lenny showed us in class because it make me think that if you really want something, do not stop fighting, until you get it, because is not impossible.

  13. sblasco says:

    Hi, this Ted Talk is an example of a person that wanted to fight for peace and became very successfuly because she put a lot of effort on it. So it is a very good example for other people that want to do something but they think it won’t be seccessfu, so they can think on these types of examples and realize that with some effort they can do it.

  14. igalmarini says:

    I think that this ted talk is very inspiring and show us that if we work hard and dream big you can make a change as she did. That you dont have to be a very known person to make a big change that even normal people like me can change the world.

  15. jperezmuniz says:

    In my opinion the ted talk is for people who dream in big, for example this women, because she believed that running can change the world. And she made a marathon to a City that was in a civil war. Also I wanted to said that I really liked it, it was interesant.

  16. Martin Anania says:

    I believe that Ted Talk is about people who changed their country or maybe they want to change the world with small or big things, peple who could stop the conflicts on their country and want to share his or her experience to the world and want to encourage you to do the same as them

  17. maroggero says:

    I think that this ted talk show people that if you have a dream you should start making it true because maybe someday it can come true.

  18. rvagootero says:

    Hi Lenny,
    I think that this Ted Talk is really interesting. It shows you that a single girl and a dream can make a difference. Also that it doesn´t matter how impossible it sounds you should never give up. I think is impressive how can a marathon change a hole city and the way the people thought.

  19. Vignesh Manwani says:

    I think that is ted talk is inspiring for people who dream big. To let them know that if the dream is strong and if you are working to make it happen, it is possible.

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