Short Term Causes WW2 – Senior 2 & 3 Project.

ww2 causes collage

Hello Senior 2 and Senior 3!

We are launching a new project for this year with students from Newlands School in Adrogué. The theme of our project is the causes of WW2.

In this 1st phase, you created your accounts in to have a collection of sources. Moreover, I have created pairs between the students from S2 and S3 for you to be able to work on the personal blogs from the people in S2.

Here are your pairs!! 🙂 Enjoy!


Lucia Paz – Catalina Grosso 

Juana Otaño – Mara Ripoll

Jose Zubizarreta – Lucila Giambruni

Abril L Elorreaga – Josefina Catani


Delfina Urso – Florencia Araya

Diego Goldaracena – Nicolás Monguzzi

Nicolás Pourteau – Francisco Mosquera

Bruce Donald – Bautista Olaizola


Julia Molmenti – Lucía Roggero

Tadeo Helou – Agustin Segura

Candela Zufriategui – Sol Di Liscia

Victoria G Narvarte – Luna Pérez Muñiz


Santiago Montoya – Tomás Borda

Camila Carnemolla – Rocío Hartmann

Clara Burgio – Catalina Rela

Lucas Posse – Juan Ignacio Lotowicz Tomàs Anania


Felipe Reynal – Gonzalo Vazquez Avila

Juan Lanfolfo – Delfina Miy Uranga

Baltasar Querio – Joaquin Venini

Mercedes Anelo – Luz García Fernández


  • Create a post in your blog with the title of the coflict you are analysing.
  • Create a multimedia text where you summarise the conflict saying which term of the Treaty Hitler broke, the action/s he took and the response of Britain and France to Hitler’s actions.
  • Go into the Diigo group and select 5 sources (DIFFERENT TYPES) on your conflict. Post your sources in the post and make a comment on each of the sources considering the following:

a) Type of source.

b) Message of the source.

c) Perspective of the source. (From whose point of view is the source being presented?)

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1 Response to Short Term Causes WW2 – Senior 2 & 3 Project.

  1. Abril Lopez and Josefina Catani says:

    First source, This is a primary source, that is from the point of view from Britain, it is a cartoon mocking Hitler about his absurds excuses.

    Second Source, This is a secondary source frm the point of view of the Germans, it is describing and showing when Hitler remilitarized the Rhineland it is his speech.

    Third Source, This is a primary source, it is a painting/photo of the army in the rhineland, we think it is from the point of view of the Germans.

    Fourth Source, this is a primary source It is showing how Hitler is “going out” or baraking the Treaty of Versailles, it is from the point of view of the Allies.

    Fifth Source, This is a secondary Source, it is from the point of view of the Germans because it shows that the Rhineland it is in grey as it is painted Germany, so we think that is perhaps showing that Hitler has already “aduenate” of the Rhineland.

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