The Development of the Industrial Revolution.

“The brutalities of progress are called revolutions. When they are over we realize this: that the human race has been roughly handled, but that it has advanced.” VICTOR HUGO

We are now moving onto different aspects of the Industrial Revolution. In order to analyse these aspects, you are going to work in groups. 

Below you will find the groups and their topics. 

1. Inventions 

Pedro – Amalia – Gitika – Ricardo

2. Child Labour 

Milagros – Camila – Francisco – Tomàs

Good site for sources!

Interesting video. It provides names from the time and what they did and believed in as regards child labour.



3. Urbanisation

Ignacio – Juan Pablo – Malena – Miranda

Interesting video on urbanisation.

4. Social impact on the higher, middle and lower classes

Luca – Lucio – Chloe – Malaki – Joaquin

An interesting site for this topic.

5. Art & Literature

Manuel – Martina – Diochi – Valentin – Candelaria 

Interesting video on Turner’s painting.–rain–steam–and-speed—-the-great-western-railway–1844

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