“And a cold wind blows, and a dark rain falls…”

Who could have imagined that shortly after WW2 ended and Hitler was finally defeated a new and different kind of war would start?

Look at the following presentation to work out the causes of the beginning of the Cold War.

Here’s a set of sources that we will be analysing. 

Now, what exactly are we trying to figure out here? We want to know more about the two ruling ideologies at the end of WW2. We want to know what historians have to say about who was to blame for the start of this new war. We want to know why this new type of confrontation was called “Cold War”.

By 1948, Greece and Czechoslovakia were the only eastern European countries not controlled by Communist governments. What were the sources from that time like? What was the reaction of USA?


Find one source about this situation from a capitalist perspective & one from a communist perspective. Describe the sources and say what message they are giving.


Look up what the Policy of Containment, the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan were. Explain these three terms in your own words and if you consider it suitable include quotations.


Find two sources on the policy of containment, the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan. Describe the sources and say what message they are giving.

Below the results of the work, well done S4!!!

A real treat as we move along the Cold War. Have a good look at this speech which throws some light on our long standing debates on communism & capitalism. Very moving & inspiring to me. What do you guys think?

Jacqueline Novogratz shares stories of how “patient capital” can bring sustainable jobs, goods, services — and dignity — to the world’s poorest.



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14 Responses to “And a cold wind blows, and a dark rain falls…”

  1. Emi Molmenti, Mili Alezzandrini and Fran Okecki says:

    Source F.
    It is a letter which Truman wrote to the congress. In it Truman says that he wanted to help Greece and Turkey. Greece had sent an appeal of financial and economical help to USA. So they were involved, and they did not want to “turn a deaf ear”.

    Source G.
    This source shows a man with a gun. This man represents USA. His gun has a symbol of money, because he gave money to help Greece. But he has a gun, because he’s interntion was not the recovery of Greece, but to stop the spread of communism. The other people represents communism which has to go back.

    Source H.
    In this source it is shown how USA helped Western Europe by sending money. Also is shown the amount of money by the height symbol of money.

    Source I.
    In this source is shown the USA’s stamp packages sent to Europe in order to their recovery.

    Source J.
    In this source is shown a man which represents USSR, we can know it is USSR because of the symbol he has in his t-shirt. The ball represents the Marshall plan. The basketball net represents the recovery of Europe. USA thrown this ball, and if it enters the net, Europe will recover. USSR wants to “block it” so Europe don’t recover. The perfect scenery to spread communism was countries which were poor and the bad experience of capitalism.

  2. Belen Gay, Justo Fernandez Vidal and Agustina Buljevich says:

    We choose Brugo and Rostagnio presentation because we liked the sources and the way they are explain.
    We found great the comparison between the two first sources and both perspective: communism and capitalism, and how both sides disagree in what they think.
    We liked a lot how in task 2 the definitions are explained with quotes and with souces which are easy to undestand and vey well explain it.
    Source 1:
    this source is about communism perspective, to wards capitalism and how it want to controll coommunism.
    source 2:
    this is the same as the previous one but is about capitalist perspective.
    source 3:
    talks about Truman’s Doctrine. Is a cartoon explain how usa want to take out communism from greece giving money and military support.
    source 4:
    is about the marshall plan. this source is very good, we can see how usa help the countries in europe that are bad economically speaking so that they don’t fall into communism

  3. Delfina Subirá and Sofía Terán says:

    Even though all of them were good and each one of them had something wich was very usefull, in our opynion the presentation of Breyaui Amendolara was the best one. Although we noticed both spelling and typeing mistakes we chose it due to its perfect organization and its interesting and accurate sources for each topic.
    Task #1
    Source 1(Capitalist perspective)
    It is a pamphlet wich shows the concern of the Americans towards the spread of communism. Communis is represented as an Octopus whose tentacles threaten to conquer the world.
    Source 2(Communist perspective)
    it is shown how far did stalin get with his spheere of influence and what is he planing to do next
    Source 3(policy of contaiment)
    1. the ussr ir represented by a big and powerfull bear and that usa althougth her intesions were to stop ussr in a way didn´t succed
    2. in this source it is shown the help that usa had sent to the powerless countries in eorupe hoping that they would resist communisim
    Source 4 ( the truman doctrine)
    one is a messge of truman to the congress
    the other one shows the usa helping the countries in eourope

  4. Fran Okecki, emi molmenti and mili alezzandrini says:


    We chose this presentation because it has very clear and complete explanations about the sources and the information given.

    Source A.
    This source shows an octopus, which represents Stalin. The octopus is red because its the color of communism. It shows how Stalin wanted to spread his communist ideology all over the world.

    Source B.
    This source shows a Russian soldier standing on western Europe. This shows that USSR wanted to spread their ideology all over the world. He is using a red trousers, and also the symbol of communism. This cartoon is encouraging people to stop communism.

    Source C.
    In this source we can see Stalin trying to spread communism over Europe.

    Source D.
    the bear represent the USSR as a strong country which was threatening to spread communism all over the world . the weak and little man standing out of the world is uncle Sam which represents USA, he is out of the world because he can´t do anything to stop the spread of communism.

    Source E.
    USSR is trying to spread their ideas. USA with the policy of containment is sending troops and weapons to help them resist the communist threat.

  5. Virgi Loza, Milis zubizarreta and Pablo Piñero Pacheco says:


    For us this Slide Share was the favourite because it was the most organised of all. It shows us both, communists and capitalists, point of view. One thing that we liked was that it shows a diffrence with a very similar source first americans intimidating the U.S.S.R shown as a teddy bear, and then a grown furious bear intimidating the USA. Also it was easily understandable information with a data organization and they achive to establish a clear idea of all the facts that happened.

    The first two images, one from the U.S.S.R, and the other one from the USA. This sources, show who both countries thought the same feeling of attack towards the other.

    “Every country in Europe was so poor that it was in danger of turning communist” by General Marshall.
    This meant, acording to their thoughts, that as capitalism turn those countrys poor, people from that country would choose a communist government.

    “Europe was a breeding ground of hate” by General Marshall
    This meant that, as Europe was so poor, nothing would come out of it but hate.

    The picture on the “Trumans Doctrine”, shows how an american with equiped machinery, prevent the Greeks to have the government they wanted, the communist one.

    The last picture, shows how USA acted on self convinience, just to prevent the house falling in USA. this meant that europe was falling in the USA.

  6. Juan Ignacio Lopez Vargas & Ignacio Rela says:

    http://www.slideshare.net/slideshow/embed_code/8497197# . We liked this slideshare because the authors of the presentation analized deeper the sources than the other presentations. For example in source 1, its shown the communist view of the capitalisim and all the things capitalism did to stop the spread of the USSR and his idelogy. Source 2 shows completely the opposite, the bear represents the USSR and Uncle Sam USA. The USSR is overtaking the eastern Europe countries and the spread of its political beliefs.
    The third source shows Uncle Sam (USA) wiping out the communists from Greece, the communists are dressed like greeks simbolizing that USSR wanted to convert the minds of the greek to communisim. The gun of Uncle Sam has a sign of dollar, this states the money USA invested on Europe (Marshall plan).
    Last but not least we have the last source, is reffered to the economical help that Europe recieved form the americans. They are trying not to repeat the things that happened in the 1920´s, not to isolate.

  7. Joaco, Nico y Pancho says:

    We decided to choose the slideshare of Brugo and Rostagno because we liked the way it was organized, the explanations it has and how clear the sources are.
    The first source is from the capitalist perspective, and it shows how Stalian and the communists quickly took over and established communist friendly governments in Eastern Europe countries. Stalin was playing a game with those countries.
    The secound source is from the point of view of the communists. It symbolizes the Soviet dream. The world has the symbol of communism and is all painted of red. Red symbloizes communism or the powerfull army of the Soviets.
    The third source explained the policy of containment where USA has the intention of
    stoping the spread of communism. The presindent of USA is like supporting all weastern powers to abolish Stalin’s dream.
    The fourth source shows that the United States where going to support and provide money to other European countries but this wouldnt be free. The would have to stand with the USA against communism.
    The last source is based on the idea of the Marshall Plan. It represents the main objective this plan had that was being all togheter against communism. All fighting against the same reason. We can see that USA is supporting the idea of getting all the european countries toghether because it appears at the back of the source.

  8. Agus Campion, Mili Brasco, Mery Brito Peret says:

    We chose the presentation Elia, Gay and Rodriguez Piola did because we considered it was the most clear and interesting.
    Source 1 is capitalist. It shows the view of USA and GB on all the countries that the soviets had taken, that were under the control of their communist leaders.
    Source 2 is a communist source. it shows how the Soviets felt threatened by the USA’s attitude and action. This was a possible excuse to expand. in this source uncle sam represents usa and is over the world, with a threatening look protecting the world from the communist.

  9. Juan Cruz GR, Joaquin DW, Francisca M says:

    We chose this presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/lennyambrosini/brugo-rostagno

    We think it is very well organized.
    The first two sources are great because are because they are the same style and compare the different views of rivals: USSR as a communist and a capitalist USA. Communism thought that they were spreading all over Europe, while USA thought totally the opposite. She thought that, with other countries such as Israel or China, were stopping it.

    The other two sources are well explained.The first one is very interesting because it shows how the USA chased the communist in greece with the Truman Doctrine, and the money they had invested on the military aid.
    The last source is about the Marshall plan, and it represents the interests that USA had among Western Europe: the house about to fall represents those countries and how if it falls, would affect them too.

    Gomez Roca, Diaz Walker, Müller

  10. Belen Irazusta & Sebastian Borda says:

    This is the slide we will choose http://www.slideshare.net/lennyambrosini/burgio-pieres?ref=https://lambrosini.cumbresblogs.com/2013/04/10/and-a-cold-wind-blows-and-a-dark-rain-falls/. We think that it is very well done and it describes each point very well.
    Source 1: This source shows Stalin choking with a pipe that says Truman’s Doctrine. This means that Stalin wouldn’t even try to obey this doctrine.
    Source 2: We see the USSR’s feelings towards the USA were trying to do, which they thought was to control the world.
    Source 3: We see that the US and the USSR had better weaponry but they didn’t use it against each other.
    Source 4: It shows that it’s every body’s obligation to stop communism because it’s bad.
    Source 5: Truman announcing they will help Greece and Turkey.
    Source 6: Shows Americans helping Greece.
    Source 7: Shows America helping Europe with a “boost”.
    Source 8: USA delivering supplies to European countries that were recovering.

  11. Joaco, Nico y Pancho says:

    We decided to choose the slideshare of Brugo and Rostagno, because we liked the way it is organizated, the explanations it has and the sources are really clear also.
    The first source is from the capitalist perspective. It shows how Stalin was playing a game with Eastern Europe countries. This source is a great example of how Stalin was quickly taking over the satellite countries and establishing a communist-friendly government in those countries.

  12. Lucila Lafuente says:

    How far was Stalin to blame for the beginning of the cold war?
    Stalin was partly to blame for the beginning of the cold war because there were also other facts that had happened before stalin came to pawer., and also other facts that had affected Stalin.

    First, I will say why Stalin was to blame and why not. The USA believed Stalin a non-trustworthy person, after the Nazi-Soviet Pact, in which he allied with Hitler, although he later fought against Germany in the war.
    Wecan also say that he was not trustworthy because, when the USSR was in charge of liberating the Eastern European countries, that had been occupied by Germany, and organize free elections for them to choose what they wanted, Stalin ordered the Red Army to organize the elections and there were not non-communists candidates, so these countries did not have an option. But Stalin also had his reasons.
    In the past, the USSR and the USA had already had other conflicts, starting from the Russian Revolution; When this incident occured in Russia between the communists and the capitalists USA sent helps for the whites, the monarchy, we can imagine that for Stalin this would not have been very nice.
    After that, in USA was the Red Scare in which there was fear of communism and of the radical ideas of immigrants that came from Russia. So, Stalin had enough evidence to realize that USA was anti-communist.
    But, in addition, when the war started, and the USSR asked for help any country gave her a response, so, was alone fighting against Germany,. After that, it allied with Britain and USA and the had a common enemy; Germany. When the war ended and the losses were counted the number of losses in the USSR was far bigger compared with the ones in Britain and the USA, and this did not like Stalin at all. In addtion, as the commmon enemy was defeated, they did not have a reason to be allied.
    At that time there were two countries that were the most powerful, the superpowers, and ther had a big rivalry, capitalism versus communism, that two powers were the USSR and the USA. More over, they had a lot of antecedents of incidents and that lead them to the Cold War.

    In conclusion, I would say that Stalin was partly to blame for the beginning of the cold war because there were many other incidents before Stalin’s actions and after them, that could have lead to the Cold War.

  13. Ramiro Bergoglio says:

    How far was Stalin to blame for the beginning of the Cold War?

    Stalin was partly to blame for the Cold War.

    One of the Reasons why Chamberlain decided to break the Appeasement was because Stalin Signed the Nazi-Soviet pact with Germany. Chamberlain thought that if Germany and the USSR were together then, who would fight against communism? This pact made the allies realize that Stalin wasn’t trustworthy because he signed a pact with his own enemy.

    The Cold War was bound to happen. The Communism was a threat for the Allies and if Stalin wasn’t trustworthy then signing a pact wouldn’t make sense, war would. The difference between Capitalism and Communism was so big that the Big Three had to sign ambiguous terms suck as “a sphere of influence” to avoid disagreements.
    Another cause for the Cold War was the lack of a Common enemy. As the allies and the USSR defeated their common enemy there was no reason to be together.
    Appeasement let Germany do whatever she wanted as long as they fought against the USSR. The USSR did not forget this.

    The USSR lost a lot of people in the second world war. They were angry because Britain and USA did not help them directly.

    Stalin was not the only to blame for the Cold War, there were many differences such as Communism or resentments such as The Nazi-soviet pact and the Appeasement that caused the cold war.

  14. Maria Paula Tear says:

    Many people blame Stalin for the beginning of the cold war. But we know that he was not the only one to blame.

    Stalin was a very important communist figure who always spread his ideas. Most of his actions were causes of a lot of conflicts, such as the Nazi-Soviet Pact, in which Stalin betrayed the Allies by signing this Pact. However, before signing it with Hitler, he was looking for support in Britain and France, but as he saw that he could not get it, he signed it with his enemy. With this pact, the Allies realised that he was not at all trustworthy.
    Also we can say that the sphere of influence in the Yalta conference encouraged the start of the Cold War, and the influence he made in the eastern European countries. These two actions made the Cold War even more inevitable .

    For the second world war the Allies and the USSR had joined to defeat a common enemy, but as this enemy had already been defeated the differences between them started to be more and more noticeable. The capitalists started to become more and more aware of the communist. The rivalry between the two superpowers, the USSR and the USA became inevitable. Roosevelt became more concerned than ever and wanted the communist regime not to be expanded anymore.

    But this rivalry between capitalists and communists, between the USA and the USSR did not just emerge after WWII. It started in the Russian Revolution where the USA supported the whites(capitalists) against the Bolsheviks(communist). Also in the 1920s in the USA, a movement was created, called the Red Scare in which white men had fear of communist ideas to take over the country. When a lot of immigrants came to the USA they started to spread their communist ideas to the poor people, and these people saw the communist government as their good chance of having a house, a good education and health, so workers started going on strike. This was seen as a threat to the capitalist government so they put in a way a blockade to the immigrants from the USSR so as not to have more communist ideas.

    In conclusion, Stalin was not the only one to blame for the beginning of the Cold War because Roosevelt also made wrong decisions and there had been a rivalry between the two countries for a long time.

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