The Cold War in full: Korea, Cuba & Vietnam.

Our History project this year revolves around three main conflicts during the Cold War: The Korean War, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War. 

We are working in small groups and are getting ready for a collaborative project with Colegio Newlands. Last year we worked on another project with the participation of the students who are now in Senior 4. Our project last year was on the Berlin Wall. Take a peek! Berlin Wall Project.

So far, these are our groups:


A) Juan Cruz – Justo – Belén G. – Agustina B.

B) Juan Ignacio – Nicolás – Belén I. – María B.P.


C) Pablo – Francisco O. – Delfina – Virginia

D) Ignacio – Agustín – Milagros B. – Milagros A.


E) Joaquin O. – Francisco R. – Francisca – Milagros Z.

F) Sofía – Joaquin D.W. – Sebastián – Antonia – Emilia

 Below you will find a worksheet for each group to complete. Print out and complete the one of your group for Monday, July 1st. 

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