The League of Nations in the 1930s by Senior 2.

The Manchurian Crisis by Delfina Urso, Camila Carnemolla, Santiago Montoya, Tadeo Helou & Baltasar Querio. 

 This is a record of the process of their work:

And this is the Prezi of their presentation:

The Disarmament Conference by Candela Zufriategui, Juana Otaño, Clara Burgio, Lucas Posse & Felipe Reynal. 


The Abyssinian Crisis by Abril L. Elorreaga, Facundo Milhas, Josefina Zubizarreta, Mercedes Anelo, Bruce Donald & Lucía Paz. 

The Controversial about The League of Nations by Julia Molmenti, Sofía Achaval, Diego Goldaracena, Juan Landolfo & Victoria Gonzalez Narvarte. 


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