Historiography on the Russian Revolution.

One of the elements that we study in History AS is Historiography. 

Furay and Salevouris (1988) define historiography as “the study of the way history has been and is written – the history of historical writing… When you study ‘historiography’ you do not study the events of the past directly, but the changing interpretations of those events in the works of individual historians.”

The historiography of the Russian Revolution is very rich. We will start working on this new area of study in order to gain a better understanding of the events studied. 

1. Read the info on historiography of the Russian Revolution in the web page below: http://alphahistory.com/russianrevolution/russian-revolution-historiography/

2. After reading, analyse the following images:

3. HW: Read the info below and summarise the main ideas for April 22nd.



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