Berlin Wall Project

This year’s topic for the Source Analysis Paper (Paper 2) was “The Cold War in the East”.

Our students in Senior 3 worked in groups on each of the conflicts focusing on one main issue: the voices behind the Iron Curtain.

They presented their topics to the rest of the class under a common denominator: the human factor.

Presentations on the Cold War in the East. 

The conflict of the Berlin Wall was the conflict that had the biggest impact on our students and in the light of this we started working on a project with the students at Newlands School in Adrogué.

We got together with Alejandra Redín (Newlands) and Luz Pearson (Las Cumbres) and decided to recreate the division created by the wall.

The class teachers, Chris Toti (Newlands) and Lenny Ambrosini (Las Cumbres) looked up information of families divided by the wall.

Each student from both schools participating in the project was assigned a character, the name of a person who lived in Berlin in the times of the Wall. Students had to look up information on their character for September 6th which was the date when the students from Newlands School and ours, Las Cumbres, would meet for the next stage in the Project.

The day before the “live” meeting took place, we had a Twitter Event at night.

Click here to know all about it! 


On Thursday, September 6th the two groups finally met at Newlands School. The afternoon started with the words of Mandy Rasch, a 35 year-old German friend who lived in the divided city of Berlin on the Eastern side when she was a little girl. There was a moment for questions after Mandy’s testimony which was both enlightening and moving.

After a short break, students were asked to go around looking for their relatives from the other side of the wall. Families were made up of students from Newlands and Las Cumbres schools and each student had some information to share with the rest of his group.

It was time then for short break during which a symbolic wall was erected leaving those from the East on one side and those from the West on the other side. Before leaving students left messages on their side of the wall recreating the events in Berlin in 1961.

Below you can see the pictures of the Project and an account of it written by Alejandra Redín:

The Photographs of the Project. 

Vivir Detrás del Muro.

 Final del Proyecto

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