Chicago – A Portrait of the Roaring 20s.

Today we watched the last part of the film “Chicago”. We will know plunge into the 1920s in USA.

This extract is the final scene in the movie. Watch it and write your thoughts not ONLY about this last part but also about the movie itself.

Write you contributions as comments. 


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20 Responses to Chicago – A Portrait of the Roaring 20s.

  1. Bruce Donald says:

    Chicago the movie is very good, and very interesting to me, because it reflects what was USA in the decade of 20. In the last part of the movie Velma and Roxie for the last dance of the movie in jail, when the dance ends use guns, which put them in jail.

  2. Vicky Gonzalez says:

    I love the movie Chicago because I think the plot is interesting and the soundtrack is great. It also reflects what USA in the 1920s was like in an entreteinment way. At this last scene the protagonists, Velma and Roxie, are dancing togheter out of jail. At the end of the song they use guns, the object that put them in jail.

  3. Tadeo says:

    In the last part Vilma and the main character are dancing in a cabaret. They won their trial and became famous. They are dancing with guns because of their past (the both of them killed a person).
    Sorry I forgot to put in the other comment,

  4. Baltasar Qüerio says:

    I haven`t seen the movie but judgeing by the video and comments it shows how to women could follow their dreams no matter what the others thought about what they were soposed to do . And how women startded taking part in politics and economics.

  5. Tadeo says:

    My thoughts about Chicago are great. I think that it has very good music and a very interesting plot.
    Talking about history I think that Chicago has a lot of historical content. It reflects the life in the 1920s of people in the United States. It shows perfectly how people in the 1920s thought and acted. It also shows how people started going out more during the night, having more fun, drinking more alcohol, etc. It shows how ilegal activity grew in the USA and injustice too. In the movie, a women that was in jail did not have the money to pay a lawyer. Although she was innocent, she was killed anyway. The musical shows us how women started to integrate more in the society. Chicago shows how the people in the countryside thought in a different way of the people in the city. The people in the countryside was more correct, more responsible while the people in the city was incorrect, drank alcohol, etc.
    My favourite character was “Big Mama” because I loved her character and her song. In her song the phrase “If you help Mama, Mama helps youuuuu” is used because Mama gave some benefits to the women who paid her money.
    To sum up, Chicago is the perfect movie to make us an introduction to our new topic: “The USA in the Roaring Twenties”.

  6. juan says:

    I think that Chicago shows perfectly how life was after the first world war. Specially in the first scene, In which Velma danced in a public bar where most of the people drunk and smoke a lot. After the first world war, the ex soldiers were tired after having such experience, so when they came back they didnt care much about life.
    The movie also shows how the womens role change after the war, how they started to participate more in public events and how they started to make a life on their own.

  7. Felipe reynal says:

    i enjoyed very much watching this film because it showed the life of people in the United States in the 1920s in an entretainment way, with songs and dancing. womans start to participate more in terms of society but also they showed off in cabaretes and bars. in the last scene Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart dance in public following their dreams of being celebrities.

  8. diego goldaracena says:

    I like this movie, and I think that this film show us how was life in the United States in the 1920s. In this last scene Roxie and Velma went out of the prision and they were happy dancing in the stage because now they were famous and that was their dream.

  9. Clara Burgio says:

    I really like this movie because it is very entertaining and interesant, because it shows us the life in USA in the 1920s, the adicctions (alcohol) and how were woman like. The alcohol was recently provided. The movie describes its main characters (Roxie, Vilma) as criminals, who have killed their husbands. And that´s how USA looked like. Everything was out of control.

  10. Delfina Urso says:

    Chicago is a musical with not just great songs, if not that also historical content of the 1920’s in the USA. In the movie Roxie, the main character, wants to be a star. Her lover tells her that he’s going to get her a show, which ends up being a lie, so she kills him. Because of this she ends up in prison, were her idol, Velma, is there because of killing her sister and boyfriend the same night as Roxie. All that they needed was many money so that they could pay for a very good lawyer. They both end up getting out of prison and they have a show together, as you can see on the video above. One of the things that this movie shows is that money gives you power.

  11. Lucas Posse says:

    CHICAGO shows how USA was after the war and thats why they made fun of it when they were with the guns.It shows how they wanted to live their life and enjoy.They use songs to entertain in the movie also showing fun and life

  12. Mercedes Anelo says:

    CHICAGO is a musical and also shows how USA was at 1920s. “My paper is dry” The alcohol and the cigaretes takes a very important place at this times. Also, the only woman in jail that was innocent was executed, that shows that there was a lot of injustice at that times. The last scene is about that Velma and Roxy got out of jail and started acting together. They have a lot of succes, they became celebritys again.

  13. Santi Montoya says:

    I think Chicago is a movie that shows in an entertaining way ( with songs and dancing) life in the 1920s in the USA, specially the role of women. In this period they started participating more in public events and took a more active role in society. In this last scene we can see how people cheer them while they are dancing with guns, like making fun of what they did in the past.

  14. Camila Carnemolla says:

    In my opinion, this film, Chicago, is an excellent musical which has good songs. But also shows how life in the 1920s in the USA was like. In one specific part it shows the prohibition of alcohol in USA at that time, and how it divided the people in wet and dry. This last scene shows how the dreams of the two murderers, Roxie and Velma came true, as they are the stars of a show and they became famous. It also shows that the two girls were declared innocent and they went out of prison.

  15. Candela Zufriategui says:

    Even if Chicago seems to be only a great musical with beautiful song, it has historical content as it shows how life in USA in the 1920s was like. Also it shows how life for women that were criminals was like, at that time in USA. When a reporter said “My paper is dry” it’s a clear example of the law that prohibits producing alcohol, to sell it and to drink it and how this law divided people and the country into dry and wet. This last scene of the movie shows that Roxie and Velma, who were murderers, could get out from prison and they follow their dreams, made an act together and become famous.

  16. Abru Lopez says:

    I really like musicals and I think that this is a very good musical. It has great songs and also an entreating plot, another good thing about it is the things that it shows, with CHICAGO I learned a lot of the women in the U.S.A in the 1920s, and how was the life in the 1920. This last scene shows that the 2 murderers Roxie and Velma, went out of prison and they are dancing together and that they could achieve their dreams, that was becoming a celebrity.

  17. Julia Molmenti says:

    For me CHICAGO is a very good movie in terms of the songs and the story but also on the history. It shows you a lot of things about american women in the 1920. This last scene shows that at the end Roxie and Velma finish doing a duet and you realize that they had gone out of jail and now they are following their dreams that was to be famous.
    Juli 🙂

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