The Cold War in Eastern Europe – The Voices Behind the Iron Curtain

“FROM STETIN IN THE BALTIC TO TRIESTE IN THE ADRIATIC AN IRON CURTAIN HAS DESCENDED ACROSS THE CONTINENT OF EUROPE”. – Winston Churchill of Britain referring to the imaginary boundary that separated communistic Eastern Europe from the democratic nations of Western Europe (1946)

The history of the countries behind the Iron Curtain is one of suffering, hardship and high ideals. The free thinkers & intellectuals of Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Berlin stood for what they believed and defended a dream that at times must have seemed impossible to achieve. These people stand as inspiration for us today of what can be done in spite of the weapons & in spite of the guns.

Congrats Senior 3 for a wonderful research on the voices behind the Iron Curtain.

Every picture will take you to a great presentation made on the conflicts in Eastern Europe during the Cold War.


Czechoslovakia 1968

The Berlin Wall

Solidarity in Poland



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