Making History on Twitter.

The Voices of the Ancien Regime’s end.

First Twitter event 2012

WHEN?            Wednesday, April 25th

TIME?               8pm to 9pm

HASHTAG?      #histcomcumbres



Be online at 8pm on Tweetchat following #histcomcumbres connected with your Twitter user.

Doing this, each of your tweets will already have the #litcomcumbres hashtag written.

Every 15 minutes there will be a new task tweeted for you to complete in a tweet.

If your tweets need more than 140 characters you can use twitlonger BUT always remember to write the #histcomcumbres hashtag because if you don`t we will not see your tweets.

When we finish I will generate a Tweetdoc with all your contributions.

Task #1

1. In class you were assigned a role. Create a profile for your role and introduce yourself in a detailed way. You may even provide a picture!

 This was IT.

A wonderful night reflecting on FREEDOM & CHANGE. 

A bonus…the event’s favourite…the words of Bob Marley.


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