The USA in the 20’s were ruled with violence and greed, how far do you agree with this statement?

In the 1920’s USA was ruled with violence and greed. How far do you agree with this statement?

The Impact of the First World War left some American citizens devastated and some others in a very good economic position. In the following essay we will analyze how far USA the 20’s where ruled with violence and greed.

The 20’s in the USA represented a key moment of the American success; the majority of the classes were benefited. Who were those who did not benefitted from the boom? The poor-class, the farmers, the eastern European immigrants, etc. The farmers for example, with the new machinery and fertilizers were able to produce more and better products; however, the problem was that they produced too much so they faced overproduction. Furthermore, with the Immigration Act of 1924 the immigrants had restricted access to the USA, specially the eastern Europeans who were feared of bringing communist ideas to a capitalist country (red scare).

In addition to this, the 20’s in USA also represented violent times due to the fact that gangsters took control over the streets selling alcohol illegally. Nevertheless, there were a lot of gangs in the USA; they had to fight for territory to sell the illegal alcohol. As a result, some gangsters ended up having a major control over some cities, such as Al Capone, who arrived in America in 1919 and had Chicago under his control, but was only caught after 1931 not for having killed a lot of other gangster and civilians, but for tax-evasion.

In conclusion, we would say that, in our opinion, USA was ruled with violence and greed except for some specific groups which were part of the lower classes.



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