How far was the failure of the League of Nations in the 30s to blame for the outbreak of war?

The failure of the League of Nations in the 1930’s was partly to blame for the outbreak of the Second World War because there were other factors that also influenced.
Fristly, the treaty of Versailles contributed a lot in the outbreak of war because Chamberlain, the USA president, thought it was unfair for Germany so they decided to give Hitler some land thinking that that was all he would ask for, but that was not enough.
What is more, appeasement was a policy which also helped because it failed and with it the peace failed too. When Hitler decided to attack Poland, USA and France thought that was the end of the peace treaty and started the Second World War.
In addition, another enormous factor was Rearmament. Hitler started rearming with the idea of conquering silently, but on the other side Great Britain and France noticed that and decided to start rearming. Although, they were giving the back to the treaty of Versailles.
All things to considered, there were many important events that supported the outbreak of the second world war and the failure o the League was one of them but not the only one.

Camila Cincunegui, Chloe Taylor y Marina Menendez



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