How far was appeasement to blame for the outbreak of the war?

            Appeasement was a controversial policy, it had a lot of advantajes and disadvantajes. In the following essay we are going to analyse how far it was to blame for the outbreak of the war.

            To start with, one of the advantajes of  this policy was that Britain needed to buy time because they were not ready for war. Chamberlain’s defenders thought he had to buy time for rearmament because Britain’s forces were not ready. Although Chamberlain had supporters for this cause public opinión, important countries in the empire and the USA were against it.

Even though, Chamberlain thought that Britain´s forces were not ready for war he had an exaggerated view of Germany’s strength. During the 1960s, Taylor, a British historian said Germany’s strength was 45 percent of what British intelligence reports said it was. During rearmament Britain’s regular army and reserves, craft in navy and aircraft production improved way more than Germany’s in proportion.

On the other side, Appeasement was a wrong policy because it encouraged Hitler. Critics state that it was a way to encourage Hitler at that war, they claim that if Britain or France faced Hitler from the start peace would have been secured.

All things considered, Appeasement was partly to blame for the outbreak of the war because it encouraged Hitler, but at the same time it seemed like a good way to buy time for rearmament.

Tomas Posse, Pedro Nardi, Nacho de Achaval.

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  1. Chloe Taylor Camila Cincunegui Marina Menendez says:

    – Doesn’t answer the essay question because it talks only of appeasement. It also doesn’t say how appeasement was to blame it only refers to what it was.
    – these topics should also be included: *DEPRESSION *rearmament * Failure of the league of nations *Invasion of poland + the nazi soviet pact *Remilitarisation of the rhineland *anschluss *Hitler´s aim *The Sudetenland

    Final Mark: 6,50 (Six Fiffty)

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