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What will this paper look like? (OMG!)

Dear All,  Here are some slideshares with sample papers of the IG exams you will be doing this week. Hope this helps & relax, you’ll do just GREAT! Very best,  Lenny. October 31st LITERATURE PAPER 1 from lennyambrosini November 2nd … Continue reading

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Depth Studies: Revision.

NAZI GERMANY Seven Ways to Control Germany   1 One-Party State  The Enabling Act (23 March 1933) Hitler was the all-powerful Fuhrer of Germany.   The Law against the Formation of Parties (14 July 1933) declared the Nazi Party the … Continue reading

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On Dover Beach.

For those who find Dover Beach a challenging poem, I am hereby publishing the poem and underneath a very interesting web site with a complete and quite thorough analysis of the poem. Hope it helps! DOVER BEACH By Matthew Arnold … Continue reading

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