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As comments to this post you will be able to read some essays written by our students in Senior I. Great work and a very promising beginning!

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  1. Maria Jose Tear says:

    Naval rivalry was one of the causes of WWI but there wasn’t a main cause. There were many causes that ended up in war.

    The naval rivalry was between Germany and Britain. Britain felt frightened by Germany because they had always had the best navy and Germany, that was a new country, was growing very fast and had the second best navy so they competed on that. They had an imminent war coming.

    I don’t fully agree that naval rivalry was the main cause, there were more causes.

    One cause was that Germany attempted to gain colonies so she annoyed and frightened France, Britain and Russia.

    Another cause was that there created two alliances that were Russia, France and Britain, the triple entente, and Austria-Hungary, Germany and Italy, the triple alliance.

    What its more France was unhappy because she had lost Alsace-Lorraine in 1871. She was sad because it was there richest industrial region in France; From that moment onwards there was an arm race between France and Germany

    Another cause was hat Austria-Hungary and Russia were rivals and they hated each other so be influenced in Europe was very important

    Besides, Germany had the problem of Encirclement, so she created the Schrieffen plan that was attacking first France and then Russia.

    The last cause, that was the outbreak of WWI, was the assassination at Sarajevo.

    In conclusion there were many causes but there wasn’t a main one.

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