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WWI – The Human Experience.

“I shall not easily forget those long winter nights in the front line. Darkness fell about four in the afternoon and dawn was not until eight next morning. These sixteen hours of blackness were broken by gun flashes, the gleam … Continue reading

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For vengenace, and the ashes of language. (G. Clarke)

‘Lament’ is an elegy, an expression of grief. It can be a sad, military tune played on a bugle. The poem uses the title as the start of a list of lamented people, events, creatures and other things hurt in … Continue reading

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“Games at Twilight”, a collection by Anita Desai.

I aim to tell the truth about any subject, not a romance or fantasy, not avoid the truth. Anita Desai Set in contemporary Bombay and other cities, these stories reflect the kaleidoscope of urban life – evoking the colour, sounds … Continue reading

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Report to Wordsworth by Boey Kim Cheng.

You should be here, Nature has need of you. She has been laid waste. Smothered by the smog, the flowers are mute, and the birds are few in a sky slowing like a dying clock. All hopes of Proteus rising … Continue reading

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The Long & Winding Road to WW2.

Amidst the debris of economic distruction left by US’ economic crash and the unstoppable growth of dicatorial governments in Germany and Italy, a desolate world got ready for war. The video underneath will show you a humorous overview of the … Continue reading

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