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The Korean War.

A great lecture on the Korean War, summarises the whole conflict in 16 minutes. Amazing! As you listen to the lecture, answer the following questions. They will help you to focus on the most important details.  1. What were the … Continue reading

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The Vietnam War.

Hello Everyone! Here’s some food for thought for our next topic: the Vietnam War. Here’s the lecture for our note taking exercise:    El Símbolo de la Guerra de Vietnam.   Vietnam War from lennyambrosini Source Analysis on the … Continue reading

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The Beginning of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Before we plunge into de Cuban Missile crisis itself, it’s important to know  the situation in Cuba before the crisis and most importantly, the pre existing relationship between Cuba & the US. As you watch take down the names of … Continue reading

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The Berlin Wall: A symbol.

  The Berlin Wall from Caroline Berlin Wall from UD Teacher 20 años de la caída del muro de Berlín. from lennyambrosini Today, August 13th is the 50th Anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall. Here’s a photo essay … Continue reading

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HISTORY. Paper 2: Source Analysis. Don’t fear it, face it! ;)

Custom Glitter Text Here’s a very interesting handout for overall work on sources.  Source evaluation from lennyambrosini Here, there’s a guide to the writing of the essay question in the Source Analysis paper at History IGCSE.  History essay writing paper … Continue reading

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“And a cold wind blows, and a dark rain falls…”

Who could have imagined that shortly after WW2 ended and Hitler was finally defeated a new and different kind of war would start? Look at the following presentation to work out the causes of the beginning of the Cold War. … Continue reading

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Gathering Storm. Imminent War.

We are now about to plunge into one of the main topics of this year: THE FIRST WORLD WAR. No historical event is the result of only ONE  cause, that is why we have already been considering some of the … Continue reading

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Elegí esta mítica pintura sobre la Revolución Francesa porque es uno de los temas que estudiamos con 4to año y me gusta especialmente, lo encuentro emocionante.

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Sharing files & folders in Google Drive.

This tutorial was made by Emilia Molmenti & Milagros Brascó from Senior 2.  Congrats & thanks a lot!!!   Cómo subir archivos o carpetas a google drive y como compartirlas emilia molmenti s2 from colegiolascumbres

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The Wall Street Crash 1929.

To start working on the Wall Street Crash, I have shared 4 documents to your accounts.  To access those documents you will need, in some cases, to activate your account if you have not used it before. Then, go … Continue reading

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