Other Revolutions…







  • Do research on a revolutionary movement that involves change but not violence.
  • Make a virtual collage with images that provide evidence of the work done by the movement you did research on.
  • On a Venn diagram compare the movement you´ve done research on and a Revolution you studied in S4 or S5. Analyse motives, process and results.
  • Using the people in your group make a human sculpture showing the contrast between a historical revolution studied this year and the one you did research on.  
  • Find a song which, in your view, captures the spirit of the movement you will be presenting to the class.
  • Prepare a recording with the sounds in nature you associate with the movement of your choice. Account for your choices.
  • Give feedback on another group’s activity using a rubric.
  • Make a personal reflection on the idea of Revolution. Think of a personal proposal for a new revolutionary movement you’d like to be a part of and explain what you would like this movement to do.  


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